Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Today in history.

Today is a special day for me so here are some stupid facts about May 23rd.

May 23: Today in history...

1000 - Madonna (pop star) is born from an egg layed by a horse.
1828 - Soap factory accident creates marshmallows.
1829 - Marshmallow factory accident creates humour.
1924 - Swampmallows, a popular alternative to marshmallows, are hunted to extinction.
2000 - B. O. level in Otakon reaches intolerable levels, government issues airstrike.
2006 - Today is celebrated. Hurrah!
2006 - Ask Hal 9000 created.
2007 - Jesus decides to create the world-renowned World of Warcraft, a game that will live in infamy.

And in the news today...

Tinky Winky assassinated, other Teletubbies heartbroken.
People leaving The Matrix in droves after red pill mix-up.
iPods found to eat your heart out and control your brain, no surprises there.

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